Fuck You FB

To whom it may concern at FB,

It is absolutely absurd that you're now asking for government issued ID to confirm my name on FB. You are a social media sight not a bloody government agency. It is none of your fucking business weather or not the name I use on FB is my "real" or "authentic" name. It is, by the way, you've now got a bloody picture of my passport to prove it.

For the record plenty of people use names in their everyday life that are not the names on their government issued ID. Some people have chosen names, or nicknames, that people who are looking to connect to them would far more readily recognise than their legal name. Not to mention the fact that some people have two FB accounts. Their professional and their social. Because not every teacher in the world wants their students to know what they get up to in their spare time. That is their right and privilege and fuck you for making that harder or eliminating that possibility.

Also, your offensive little form promised to tell me why you were asking for proof of ID. It didn't. All it said was that you needed proof, preferably in the form of government issued ID, to confirm my name. So what's the reason? What bloody reason do you, a social media site that already has a shitty reputation for privacy, need legal proof of my identity? I've yet to come up with a reason that isn't either offensive, ridiculous, or out and out conspiracy theory. I'd love to hear your justification though.

The only reason I'm not cancelling my account right here and now is that I'm currently traveling out of the country and this is the method that a number of people who love me use to contact me. You can rest assured that I will be doing everything in my power to transition off of your platform and onto something that I don't find ethically reprehensible.

I'm sure I'm just one of the thousands of complaints along these lines you're receiving. Do yourselves a favour and pay attention: I'm a laid-back, hippy-dippy, kind, calm, experienced communicator and your email and bloody fucking ID request have me so pissed off that I'm cussing out someone I've never met. Think about it. I know you're the all mighty FB but get enough people pissed off enough and you're headed the way of MySpace.

If you would like to get ahold of me in order to address these issues you can reach me at BlyssEnns@gmail.com

-Blyss Enns
And yes, asshole, that is my "actual" name.